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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  July 28, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a e dwinge of companies.
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what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> with five days left to break the u.s. debt problem, there's no solution in sight. and markets fall as uncertainty spreads around the globe. >> welcome to g.m.t. in the program, the chinese preerm says he promises to punish those responsible for the train attack.
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>> welcome to the program. we we want to cross over to oslo where norwegian police are giving an update into the bomb and shooting attack. there's been a bit of criticism about the response of those attacks. we want to go to oslo and listen in to what is being said. they are just about to kick off as soon as they start speaking, we will bring you an update and translation of what they are saying. as pointed out, there's been a lot of criticism as to the response to the shooting in oslo. the story is developing quickly. it's just after midday here in london. 7:00 p.m. in beijing and 7:00 a.m. in washington where the house of representatives is preparing for a vote on the
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u.s. debt limit. despite a veto from the white house and unanimous opposition against double-teams. if they cannot reach an agreement in the next five days, the u.s. risks a debt default. stock markets across europe are down as fears mount over the debt crisis and there's been losses on asian markets as well. >> there's a new voice in america's debt ceiling debate. this rapper is offering his advice for the politicians in washington. his video went viral on the internet. but in the nation's capitol, the message isn't getting through. there's still no agreement. the house of representatives is due to vote later on thursday but pro bowl has already said he'll veto them. so what lies behind this budget
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standoff. well, if america can't borrow more money, it won't go on to pay its bills and the government won't trays debt ceiling among the staggering level that is currently at $14.3 trillion. the double-teams say they'll accept huge cuts and no tax increases but the republicans say they will only raise the ceiling for six months meaning this debate will head into an election year. in washington share prices fell again and they fear no agreement will lead to a default. the deadline for a decision is next tuesday. politicians have just a few days left to make up their minds. >> now we want to take you right to oslo where police are
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giving an update on the information into last week's bombing attack. >> there were suspect packages and items. as we get calls about these. but there's nothing at the moment to indicate that the situation is not secure. lots of what we say are being called out. today suspect packages are not the only thing to worry about. it's normal activity. but we want to establish a sense of security. there's been a lot of questions about numbers, numbers of
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victims, numbers of missing. we will have a news press release at 5:00 u.k. time where we will release more names of victims and fatalities. we're trying to qualify the numbers before we give them to you. the picture is now getting more clear by the day, but we want to have the quality assurance
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before we release numbers. there are many questions here we will have to answer many, many times. not really prepared to answer the same questions again and again and again. we ask for your understanding that in the first week, during the investigations, we can't disclose details to you. we will brief you on some items. there will be a further interrogation of the apprehended man tomorrow.
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we have also looked up the definition of what directly affected victims are, and we have decided the definition of those affected directly from the attacks are all those -- [inaudible] and they are automatically entitled to support and counseling. we are about to release more information on our website at and instructions on how to go about seeking
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compensation and support. so we'd like to open up the conference now to questions. >> we have security people
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present in the government buildings. the work which is going on there has continued searches, and we're looking to secure the buildings. can you confirm the exact time for the attack? after referring to a youtube police log, and the true time may not be the true time.
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there are different blocks we have to compare, and we are investigating this to try and make sure we have documents at the right timeline. it's quite normal to have formal contact entered in the log, and we have to make sure we have an official, well-documented log. and when we are in operational mode, and we have a number of other priorities to make.
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>> how do you plan to carry out interviews of all the victims and/or the people that were present at utoeya? many of them have returned home by now. >> this is the responsibility of the criminal investigation unit, but we also cooperate with the local police district so we can continue interviews. at the location near their homes where they live.
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>> there are reports that our foreign ministry weren't notify fed. what do you have in place to notify ministries? >> the royal is family is under protection. and the communication and process between being notified is down to the guard and special services that are looking after the royal family. and i can assure you that the security was in place on this friday as well.
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but we always have special protection in place for the royal family. >> sorry. i didn't hear the question. >> a criminal investigation unit is -- it is their responsibility for taking care of what happened at utoeya in terms of searching for evidence. as far as i know, explosives
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haven't been mentioned. we don't have any concrete information about >> you're listening to a live press conference from oslo with police responding to questions about the attack and their response. and a police spokesperson there. a few highlights from what they have been saying over the past few minutes they say the picture is getting clearer by the moment, but it will take a bit of time before they are able to disclose the full picture of what happened last
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week. he did point out there will be a further interrogation of anders brev i can and johan frederickson of the oslo police. we want to go to richard gal pin who is in oslo for us. it is clear that norwegians want answers about how police handled this tragedy. >> yes. er i think it is clear. it's drl that they have had this horrific -- yes, it's critical that they have had the horrific attack and they feel they failed in some respects. so clearly a lot of systems need to be reviewed. intelligence, and as you say, how police operated and the facts that have been discuss do
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so at length over the past week, their response time to get to the island of utoeya. and we know that he continued his shooting spree for 1 1/2 hours, and there was no proper or large enough police helicopter available, and the helicopter pilot was away on vacation at the time, so he couldn't fly there, and that made a very significant difference. they could have gotten to the island in 15 minutes flying time where as it took them much longer to go by road and by boat. so real answers to be give and there will be an investigation announced by the prime minister yesterday. >> thank you. we'll be checking in with you later on. >> now a return to the dispute of the latest debt ceiling, i'm joined by the guest from the
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economic institute. thank you for your patience. i know you've been waiting with us through that press conference. is there anything the markets and financial institutions can do after this looks like a train wreck continues besides bracing for the worst? >> well, i don't think the worst will happen and it's difficult to say what the markets can do. i think that's really what's concerning the markets. so there's just a huge amount of uncertainty. because if there's no agreement, the u.s. government decides what bills it pays and which it doesn't. so i think there will be some discretion which can be used to carry on paying capital repayments for quite a while.
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if no agreement is actually made. >> so if come august 2, there's not going to be an immediate impact tore arm feden pro bowl was saying would not happen. >> no. and the u.s. government can -- what it can't spend is money it's currently spending to finance spending. and those who can lend money to each other without actually breeching the debt ceiling in the technical sense. but what is rather more to it is the increased government spending and increased borrowing and increased indebtedness which is what the markets should be concerned about long-term. >> is it fair to say the damage in some ways has already been done, at least to the u.s.
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reputation? >> yes. quite. 30% or 40% of national income are said to have continued under obama. and this can't be matched with an increase in tax. and the difference, of course, will be made up by borrowing. that's why the debt ceiling has been breached. >> and the u.s. economy, if it continues this way will look more and more like some of the economies within the european union. >> many thanks to you. >> thank you. >> let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. chinese prime minister has promised to punish those responsible for the high speed rail crash that killed 39 people over the weekend. whether safety has been neglected in china's rush to
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build the world's fastest high-speed rail system. they have been speaking to the press. our correspondent was there. >> the prirmepreerm came here to the scene of the crash to pay his respects. if you look at that vy adduct. it was there six carriages plummeted to the ground. dozens were killed and hundreds were injured. the -- preerm was called upon and said they would get to the bottom of this crash. but this crash has thrown into jeopardy the whole of china's future plans, and there's a deep sense of mistrust between authorities and the people. >> more than half a million
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people who fled the post election violence in ivory coast are still too afraid to return home according to amnesty international. militia loyalists have not been disbanded and continue intimidating supporters of ex president laurent gbagbo. in south korea 60 people are reported dead or missing after heavy rains caused flooding around seoul. the cleanup begins. there's also fears landmines could be among the debris. >> an air canada plane has returned to sydney shortly after taking off and reporting smoke in the galley. it was en route to vancouver and toronto. it landed safely after dumping tons of vule. no one was injured in the
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incident. >> heavy crisis has broken out a day after the world food program airlifted its first emergency aid to the city. that is in somalia. almost half the entirely population you are intelligently needs food and aid and millions of children are already severely malnourished. we have this report. >> the world food program stayed first earlier will be -- given the scale in somalia, it's a drop in the ocean. drought has hit so hard and more than 1/3 of the children are severely malnourished. aide agents say with so many children in this precarious situation, there's a danger disease could break out. >> in somalia almost half of the population you are intelligently needs food aid. rations have been cut in recent months and now there's a
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massive fundraising effort. several organizations are managing to access areas held by the islammist insurgent group al sha bad. but some analysts are questioning why this emergency was not prevented. in somalia, people can't wait for the tied reach them. war and drought are sending them to apology camps. the arduous journey takes its toll on the week. today the latest victim of the drought was tried rest in the camp. "bbc news," nairobi. >> now for the business news, sally. >> thank you. obviously the debt crisis in the u.s. is concerning
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investors, but the troubles in the euro zone won't go away either. europe's biggest economy could be next for a bailout. the country sold billions in bonds. they are selling at a level analysts say is unsustainable. with a low g.d.p., poor to growth and gradual. >> shell has reported a 77 cents rise in the next quarter profits compared to the same period last year. higher oil prices have helped outweigh the rise in prukts. -- outweigh the rise in production. i asked a representative of shell about it.
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>> if you look at the projects which have just come on stream. one is gas, liquids and -- you need to integrate the knowledge of technology to generate this industry-first project, otherwise you cannot generate the value. so for us, this is not a question. not now and not in the future. >> u.s. debt crisis affecting the stock market. this is how investors suddenly deciding they want to limit their exposure. >> it is very much. and that's all for the moment. stay with us. there's much more to come here on "bbc world news."
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